Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'The Commencement of Chaos' by Coralie Rowe

The Commencement of Chaos
Coralie Rowe

Rupturing forth from the black inky night
Creatures of chaos swarm, just out of sight
Evolving atrocities conjoin from fallen parts
You think it's the end, but this is just the start

The beginning of the end, as out of the depths they arise
Wailing and howling as despise brightens their eyes
Grimful yellow orbs sunken deep in skeletal faces
Scarred and torn flesh hanging as blood lined traces

Writhing maws formed, as sharpened teeth gnash
Mutated bodies metamorphose as their limbs wildly thrash
Vessels of vileness rebirthed from dank sodden earth
Forbidden monstrosities relinquished from hell's hearth

Ragged ruinations spewing forth from infernal regions
Fetid fallacies regurgitated as the devil's own legions
Aspiring as death, they have been sent to seek
The heinous, the unholy, those with a malicious streak

A plague they have arisen, shadows cast from the black
An apocalypse of depredation they conspire to wrack
Called forth from the abysmal realm of eternal fire
Invoked by those whom allowed wicked concepts to transpire

They have heard the whispered calls of fiendish thoughts
They have the contracts for those souls previously bought
The landscape is decimated as they take their form
Going on the hunt for those that have already conformed

Shadows reincarnated they are rampant in their pursuit
Scenting like hounds for the stench of disrepute
Invited in without knowledge, but by repugnant deed
They have come to collect, they have come to feed

They have come to consume all nefarious souls
And will eviscerate them slowly to claim their toll
Devouring torn remnants, of sanguine soaked limbs
Those now gone, never realising they had let them in

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