Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'Descartes à la Carte!' by Sarah McKellar & Rich Orth

Descartes à la Carte!
© Sarah McKellar & Rich Orth 03/20/2018

What is happening,
What is sane?
Am I still here,
Or has the madness started again?

I walk these halls
Accompanied by voices
Of thee and those...
Indiscriminate choices

Twisting and turning,
I ache with the yearning,
Of memories burning,
Voices concerning- deep into the night.

Where truth and mystery part
In life's spiral sojourning
In quest of Descartes

I think therefore I am…Am I all that I think?
A soul of enlightenment or one at the brink.
Truth seeker, truth seeker- what do you see?
Have you seen all that is and what could possibly be.

In past ages of enlightenment
I..we.. were unafraid...undeterred
Truthsayer...lie slayer...what do you see?
Have you seen all that is and what is plausibly me....

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