Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Poem: 'Generation Despair' by Steven Michael Pape

Generation Despair

You can sense it on the streets,
You can smell it in the air,
You can see it in the faces,
Generation despair.

No one wants the factory,
No one wants to be there,
No one can escape,
Generation despair.

And those in the dole queue,
And those that don't care,
And those red-tape liberals,
Generation despair.

Can you see the interrogation?
Can you see the chair?
Can you see the questions??
Generation despair.

Poverty for the homeless,
Poverty for souls laid bare,
Poverty for the working,
Generation despair.

Hope in those desperate,
Hope in those with flair,
Hope in those hopeless,
Generation despair.

Those that continue fighting,
Those that even dare,
Those that question everything,
Fucking Generation despair!.

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