Wednesday, April 10, 2019

EP Review: CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE ‘EM UPS "Satanic Brooklyn Scum" (1332 Records) by Kaya Chaos

Place of origin: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genre: Horror punk
Label: 1332 Records
Release date: April 1, 2019
I’m coming in on this cold having never heard their music. I’ve been aware of them for years but never got to listen. I suck. Do yourself a favor and download everything they have ever released. I’ve been listening to a few songs on repeat, "Satanic Brooklyn Scum", "Cannibal Girl (Don’t Ya Wanna Eat Me?" and "Everybody Hates Me." I was checking out their social media, and they list a host of influences…I want to tell you what I hear. This band is tight and beautifully messy when they want to be. The guitar will slit your throat (listen and you’ll get it). Jaqueline… oh sweet Jaqueline…it doesn’t matter that she’s a knock out…because her vocal chops will knock you on your ass. I can hear Wendy O. Willliams (Plasmatics, W.O.W.), and Amy (Nausea), even some Raybeez (Warzone). They have a perfect balance of hardcore, punk and metal; represented not only vocally but in the music. Reminds me of the raw intensity of the Plasmatics. Honestly, I would reunite Deviant Behavior just so I can play with them. So, "Satanic Brooklyn Scum" is a great metal/punk tune there’s an effect on her voice, and that coupled with her primal scream and this killer vocal affect that’s like an old school NYHC growl, the music is like some sleazy metal with rich guitar riffs that make you wanna take your pants off. I seriously feel like such an asshole for taking so long to get into this band. They are fucking killer!! Moving on… "Cannibal Girl" is straight up hardcore punk for me but "Everybody Hates Me" delivers a punk/crust element that’ll make you wanna smash shit. I need more. I want all their music and all their merch. You should too. Side Note: Literally just found them on Spotify and now life will never be the same. Fucking brilliant. -Kaya Chaos

Jaqueline Blownaparte: Bringer of Evil
Anthony Allen Van Hoek: Guitar Mangler
Üruk Brutal: Thunder Destructor
Antonio Ramano: Assault & Battery

Track list:
1. Satanic Brooklyn Scum
2. Cannibal Girl (Don't Ya Wanna Eat Me?)
3. Everybody Hates Me

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