Thursday, April 18, 2019

Poem: "Crows" by Jerry Langdon

By Jerry Langdon, 2019

I'm so tired of these crows
And how they make my pain grow.
I thought they were here to guide
But they make me dead inside
My heart wants to throw them crumbs
While my common sense numbs.
I'm so tired of bleeding
Over sacred pages while I'm needing
A way to escape this misery
These vulturous crows bring me.
What you so blindly see
As angels are devils to me.
Halos of twisted briars
Naught as holy liars.
I'm so tired of these crows
Making my pain grow.
They murder when they congregate.
Collecting those whom have met their fate.
Leaving a facsimile of those we've known,
Nothing but a name engraved in stone.
I'm so tired of all these farewells
Forced upon me in this living Hell.
Visiting the hollow grounds of nevermore
In a necropolis where tears so silently pour.
Nothing is alive in this desolate place.
From those that reside here; no trace.
Though I breathe, my heart is as dead
As the stone and those whom here bed.
I'm so tired of these crows
When they come tears always flow.

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