Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Full Length Review: DEAD TO A DYING WORLD Elegy (Profound Lore Records) by Ashara Armand

Location: Dallas, Texas
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Blackened sludge, doom metal, crust
Full Length: Elegy
Release date: April 19, 2019
You indulge in the spirit of the statements in this fascinating collection. They deliver it in a darkened stand. The album Elegy has six sophisticated songs. The emphasis is tragic. But there is an inference behind the melancholy. It allows you a sample of what the character is thinking. Their spirit possesses anguish. The collection is gut-wrenching with remarkable lyrics. I appreciate what they are telling. It offers you into a reflective state and creates out all the positions of how beastly it is.
You can hear the aggression. I like the undertones of darkness. They bring you into a place where you really need to be. Elegy has six songs that make you want to jump out of your skin because you can feel the spirit of possessing anguish. Sit and listen.
I mean really listen. What I heard was great. I didn’t expect to, like it. I never heard of the band until a while ago. I thought it would treat myself to something new. I like music that inspires me and makes me feel what they are feeling at the right moment. There’s not a lot of music like that these days everything is about how you shake your ass or twerk! Twerking really? I doubt any metalhead really wants to twerk when they can just bob their heads in unison to the great guitars of each band that is playing because everyone gives their lives for music. This is a whole different ballgame. What I listen to had a message in every particle.
You can feel that way when you discover it. Whether you like it you might enjoy it. This band members hail from Texas. There are a lot of metal bands that have come from Texas and I am sure you can spare money and listen. Because I did. -Ashara Armand

Mike Yeager: Vocals
Heidi Moore: Vocals
Eva Vonne: Viola
Sean Mehl: Guitar
James Magruder: Guitar
John Schiller: Bass
Josh Dawkins: Drums

Track list:
1. Syzygy
2. The Seer's Embrace
3. Vernal Equinox
4. Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns
5. Hewn From Falling Water
6. Of Moss And Stone

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