Thursday, April 18, 2019

Poem: "The Face of Confession" by M Teresa Clayton

The Face of Confession (reflected on the blade of judgement)
By M Teresa Clayton

I hold myself tight and I rock myself slowly.
It will be a long night for the wicked, I’m sure.
And, my heart will be protected by the holy;
Those who parted the innocent from the impure
Have saved us from this sin now leaving us lonely.

Now alone and bare, nothing moves inside the room.
I do not care about wickedness inside of me.
I cannot cry out inside this darkness, this gloom,
I will not surrender, I will not be set free
from this cage I’ve created, my impending doom.

Sorrowful day, you placed the knife into my hand.
I’ll pay for seducing you to your madness here.
You’ll have your reward as I await their command.
The angels come forward, count them as they appear;
It seems there will be more to bear, two souls are damned.

My sin was inviting you here to feed your lust,
You acquiesced, forgetting your morality.
In loneliness, I believed and gave you my trust,
Fractured pious minds tasted immortality
Only to shatter your words, spoken in disgust.

We will face the judgment for our indiscretion,
Can’t erase dereliction or our fall from grace.
Both destroyed by denying our own transgression.
The gallows employed, a hood will cover your face;
I will pierce my heart with the blade of confession.

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