Monday, January 8, 2018

Article: 'Feldman Excluded from Golden Globes' by Roberta Downing

Feldman Excluded from Golden Globes
Article by Roberta Downing, January 8, 2018

This year’s Golden Globe Awards was most certainly a very loud statement against the sexual predators in Hollywood and a call to put an end to the heinous acts. Many actors spoke about the topic at the event however the one person who was not present, that has more firsthand knowledge about the pedophiles and sexual crimes in Hollywood, was Corey Feldman.
Feldman has been publically speaking about the grave injustices being done to children in the film industry since 1998 and even had it as a topic in his television show with Corey Haim. He has said that “They look for children who come from a broken home. They look for these kids because these kids need a friend and they are easy targets.”
In a personal video Feldman released on his twitter page on January 7th, he states “I was not invited” to be there with his peers. It is an outrage when it looks as if all of Hollywood is coming together, making it appear as if they are using one voice and yet exclude the one man who has found the courage and heart to stand up and call out those who are responsible for harming children in the industry. Feldman is a real hero. He is someone that children can look up to and know that someone is fighting for them.
It isn’t easy to speak up about abuse. An abuser will do anything, say anything to keep their victim under control including spreading lies to make their victim appear to be liars, unreliable or even make them look as if they have mental issues so that when the person does find the courage to tell the truth that person has already been silently seen as unstable by those who could help them.
Hollywood is a country all to itself with so many men with almost unlimited wealth in control of the film industry and that makes it very dangerous for anyone to come forward with allegations of any kind of wrong doing especially any kind of sexual misconduct. The danger comes in many forms from harassment, trolling, spreading of lies and most importantly the money to hire teams of lawyers to defend the person who has been accused and the ability to blacklist the accuser. Feldman has stated that these men are “darkness” and are “against God.”
It is a very sad day when someone who is dedicating his life to expose the truth must have 24 hour protection from those who safeguard those who have harmed him.
All this begs the question why not hurt these Hollywood pedophiles where it hurts and boycott their work? Boycotting movies that have known actors, producers or directors who have been accused of pedophilia is a clear and concise message that their actions are not acceptable and in turn helps to take some of the financial control out of their hands.
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