Sunday, March 27, 2016

CD Review: CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE EM UPS Now We’re Gonna See What Disaster Really Means by Dave Wolff

Now We’re Gonna See What Disaster Really Means
It might be a bold statement that Chesty Malone And The Slice Em Ups is the most promising horror punk band to emerge from the east coast since the Misfits released Static Age, but for some reason I’m feeling that vibe. New York City has spawned punk and punk/metal bands with the potential to leave a lasting impression on a larger scale; Toilet Boys and Leftover Crack are the first to come to mind. Listening to Now We’re Gonna See What Disaster Really Means, you can tell this band bringing the same spirit those bands embodied into the 21st century. Released in 2008, this contains anthemic songs that invite audience participation and lyrics inspired by classic horror indies, creating something only longtime fans of horror and punk can fully appreciate. The music leaves no room for doubt as to where they’re coming from, and Jacqueline Blownaparte’s vocals make it equally clear this band is no clone of Garbage or Kittie. If you’re disillusioned by the mallgoth mentality or the mainstreamization of punk from the last decade or so, this band is ideal to reintroduce you to where the genre originated. “Everybody Hurts,” “Trouble With Cannibals” and “Ghouls & Gangs” show the band’s capability to become larger than life while remaining firmly in touch with their roots. “13 Killers” reminded me of another New York band known as Vulgaras (who I also interviewed for this zine) regarding the guitar progressions and (in some ways) the lyrical content. Contact this band via Facebook to hear them firsthand. -Dave Wolff

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