Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Article: Can I Play With Madness? by Alan Lisanti

Can I Play With Madness?
Article by Alan Lisanti

I don't watch John Oliver's Show regularly. I don't go out of my way to seek out news or media coverage based on which way it leans (Right or Left). This is not to say I prefer to bury my head in a hole, and hope that "ignorance is bliss" is as true of a concept as it's made out to be. I just like to form my own opinions, draw my own conclusions, and think for myself. I happened to land on the channel just as John Oliver was tearing down Trump, and I couldn't look away. I was just glad somebody finally decided to get real about the allure of Trump and say something other than: "Well...he does have charisma", and "he's not afraid to speak his mind" for a change. If you can watch the whole thing and still somehow justify the insane notion that Trump should be anywhere near public office or even made it this far into it, then maybe Trump is not the only considerably psychotic entity in this equation. You won't watch it because it might blow the lid of the whole charade though, and then you would have to admit just how fucking crazy it is. In the meantime, let's watch this asshole continue to lie through his teeth, and hopefully he can make up his mind at some point as to whether he wants that KKK vote. If you have any semblance of intelligence in your skull and can still sit here and ignore all of the obvious signs that even at his best he us still just a wealthy guy without a clue, no poise, no tact, no plan, no experience, no clue...nothing to offer except a sound bite and idle threats. But you know, he's a "successful" business man. Not a sociopathic bullshit artist with no clue how to run a country. All these people keep saying: "but he tells it like it is." Does he? Does he really?? Not at all. So he has the gonads to run his mouth? This somehow translates to him "calling people out on their bullshit". Who is calling Trump out on his bullshit?! When are you going to use those same eyes to look objectively back in the same direction? You can not cherry pick truth and then call for reality only when it's convenient for you. You might as well be voting for Oswald fucking Cobblepot you fucking idiots. Trump did nothing more than invest in himself. Then he told you that he's self funded and you ate the polished turd with a wink and a smile. So is the joke on Trump or is the joke on you? Or is the joke on all of us, and the fact that anybody could be eating this steaming pile of crap up, let alone be taking him seriously. How shitty of a human being to you have to be to identify with a billionaire with a bad attitude, serious ego and self-image issues, and nothing to offer the world but a bad haircut, a bad attitude, and a thinly veiled promise of "making America great again" as if anything this guy has proposed actually has the intent or the means behind it to alter anything besides Trump McDucks inflated bank account (according to him)...which is probably more bullshit...seeing as the guy can't seem to do shit business wise other than maintain the illusion that his brand (key word brand) retains any actual value to it while he plummets into debt. Such a good business man that he sells steaks at The Sharper Image. Such a great "builder" only he doesn't build shit. Like everything out of his mouth, it is all predicated on the strength of the illusion he is projecting. The shit I can't understand is how some people can't see through it even if you gave them x-ray glasses...which is seriously odd, and borderline disturbing considering how transparent the whole rouse seems to me. And that's all I got to say about that. But keep giving credit to the king of blowing smoke up people's asses for pulling the curtain back on the whole operation, as if we needed some jackass like Trump to come along and tell us to finally decide to open our eyes. News flash...nothing he supposedly has "exposed" due to his "unorthodox" tactics was anything that wasnt glaringly apparent either. Let's not call a bullshit artist a revealer of truth when the man himself is allergic to the notion of actuality. I don't care if you disagree either. Feel free to find some other way to convince yourself Trump is a good idea. Delusion is the practice of the weak. You can dress delusion up in gold robes but it's still nothing more than a blatant crock of shit. I don't hate Trump because he's wealthy. I don't hate him because he runs his mouth, or because he's successful in his business ventures (or not). Sometimes you have to strip away all the fluff, all the pomp and circumstance, all the masquerading, all your own personal biases, or what side of the line your beliefs fall on. Sometimes you just need to look at things clearly without the distraction of all of these variables. I can't help but conjure up any conclusion where either Trump is crazy, his supporters are crazy, or the whole world is just officially out of its mind. Maybe you think Oswald Cobblepot is what this country needs right now, but do you really want to grant that much power to a one dimensional comic book character? Where is the substance? Where is the plan? Where is the knowledge? The experience? The vision? It takes more than a 4 word slogan to change things. It takes more than a name, or an attitude, or insults. Where is the candidate that can shake things up as they need to be shaken that has the mind to get things done, not just the gall to be brash, or the charisma to seduce the sedated? Don't we need a more complete package? Maybe the whole Trump thing is just a symptom or a side effect of a larger issue. How fucked does the world have to be for this to be our actual reality? I guess its pretty clear things aren't looking to good out here, but I'm just not convinced that you can stop the world from burning by pouring more gas on the flames.

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