Sunday, March 6, 2016

CD Review: EXHORTATION Oracle Of Bones (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Oracle Of Bones
"The Human Condition" commences "Oracle of Bones" with an opening of pensive keyboard work combined with selective reflective samples. The overall result comes across as chaotic and reflective- a slightly off-putting yet intriguing starting track.
"Toxic Disembowelment" is a powerful wave of sound that defines this track and Exhortation's ability to change styles quickly and masterfully. It stands out purely for the initial heaviness; only to switch seamlessly into a slow heavy metal sound and back again as faultlessly. The drum line is particularly worth attention, as is the consistent versatility of the vocalist- something to be appreciated. An excellent introduction to Exhortation as a whole.
"The Husk of the Pit" commences with a groove-laden baseline before presenting the riffs and overtones of the guitar work. Thoroughly enjoyable in the track's precise delivery of on-point drumming, in combination with a wickedly catchy guitar line; "Husk of the Pit" is closely impossible not to like and resonates with my musical tastes perfectly.
Opening with a sample overshadowed by soothing guitar riffs- "For every Goliath, there is a stone" is one of the slower songs on the release but does reveal the clean vocal and harmonizing talent in the vocals and the heavy metal style emanated by Exhortation. There is a clear influence of old school Heavy Metal in this track which is both enjoyable and energizing.
"Blood of the Chosen Ones" commences with a leading riff accentuated by understated supporting music- a pared back approach proving effective. Cue a tempo shift- this track shifts up a notch into a diverse mix of clean and growling vocals. Consistently tight musicology and cadence shifts show the diversity of the musicians as well as their ability to interchange styles effectively.
"Oracle of Bones" follows on in the energy and diversity I've come to expect from Exhortation. With sweeping riffs, catchy drum lines and upbeat tempos. Interchanged with samples and instrumentals ensure that this track does catch your attention. The bass-lines in this track are a factor to pay attention to.
"The Oracle of the Bones" is a diverse, style-switching experience from the screaming guitars to the continually changing vocals- a thoroughly enjoyable EP and definitely worth a listen for seeing what Exhortation can present musically. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. The Human Condition
2. Toxic Disembowelment
3. Husk of the Pit
4. For Every Goliath There Is a Stone
5. Blood of the Chosen One
6. Oracle of Bones

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