Thursday, March 3, 2016

CD Review: SANKTUARY Something Fierce (STM Records) by Sarah McKellar

Something Fierce
STM Records
Commencing with an instrumental opening track in the form of "Deadly Prey" packed with soaring guitar riffs and strong drum lines prepares you for the inevitable Thrash assault that is "Heat Lightning" One of the most notable qualities is the drum work which is incredibly tight and consistent- ensuring that Sanktuary, as a consequence, sound extremely cohesive. It's obvious that many hours of time and dedication has been put into their tracks. "Hail The Villain" is personal standout track- simply because of riffs and technique displayed throughout as a whole. Another diverse and enjoyable track was "Beyond the walls" - an instrumental with resonant melodic overtones. The vocals show excellent range and it's a pleasure to see versatility consistently through "Something Fierce" I am definitely looking forward to hearing more of Sanktuary's material. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Deadly Prey
2. Heat Lightning
3. Hail the Villain
4. Thrill of the Kill
5. Screeching for Vengeance
6. Fire in the Sky
7. Beyond the Wall
8. Midnite Mass
9. Raise the Flag

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