Thursday, March 3, 2016

CD Review: REANIMATOR Horns Up (Independent) by Sarah McKellar

Horns Up
Switching from the thrash groove and admirable drum lines of "Electric Circle Pit" combined with powerfully aggressive vocals commences "Horns Up" and gathers your interest, leaving you awaiting more. "Run for the Mosh" definitely doesn't disappoint- kicking up into a faster and more hectic tempo which displays Reanimator's ability- the riffs particularly stand out in this track. Other noteworthy tracks include "The Mosh Master" for sheer speed and energy resonating from this track. "Still Sick" shows a great deal of diversity and tempo shifts, in combination with the riffs and the practiced sound consistent with Reanimator's Style has definitely made this track stand out. "Horns up" is ballsy and unashamed to be so. In particular, the tracks contained within this release show the diversity of the band and "Thrash and Roll" and it's obvious by the slamming riffs and sheer aggressive approach to their music that there is a great deal of dedication and passion for their music. I'm genuinely looking forward to hearing more. -Sarah McKellar

Track list:
1. Electric Circle Pit
2. Rush for the Mosh
3. Tempted by Deviance
4. Thieves of Society
5. The Abominautor
6. The Mosh Master
7. Still Sick
8. Off with Their Heads
9. Mock a Mockingbird

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