Monday, August 1, 2016

Video Review: BETRAYAL Fighting Perdition by Dave Wolff

Fighting Perdition
From the 2016 full length Infinite Circles
Fighting Perdition is the debut video from this German four-piece’s latest album, released last June. The band’s first EP Of Lust And Loss came out back in 2007; after an eight year hiatus, a self-titled demo was released in 2015. Having formed when the lines between extreme music thinned and the amalgam more polished, Betrayal display a fusion of brutal death metal and melodic death metal with riffs leaning towards black metal. I’ve mentioned extreme music kind of lost its edge with its mainstream acceptance, but Betrayal is an example of how to become accessible while holding on to your roots. The band combines these elements in an unforced forward thrust that sounds undeniably convincing from start to finish. The setting vaguely resembles the interior of an old, long abandoned church; however, a second viewing reminded me of the ritual scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Strategically placed in this setting are what resemble remnants of statues and assorted structures appearing of unknown origin, leading you to wonder exactly what sort of church it was in the ancient past and what sort of rituals took place there. Wasted Frames’ camera work, being clear and professional to complement the tight musicianship, shows band shots, some closeups and lens flares and individual shots from varying angles. Inopportune slow motion shots, blur effects and sped up shots produce a vertigo effect accompanying the cut in a bizarre way. The band’s Youtube profile has a handful of EP, demo and live tracks along with an album promo and video teaser. -Dave Wolff

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