Thursday, August 25, 2016

Video Review: BLOOD OF THE WOLF With Iron Weapons and Will (rehearsal footage) by Dave Wolff

With Iron Weapons and Will rehearsal footage
Song taken from the 2015 full length I: The Law Of Retaliation
Brutality, thy name is Blood Of The Wolf! I was floored by this band’s potency and fervency, from the moment the song started. Mind you, this is only a rehearsal from a band that self-released their debut CD last year, following a 2013 demo and 2014 single. Blood Of The Wolf features guitarist Frank Garcia of Nekropsy, Asphyxiator and the solo project Artemortifica, who does art and photography and has been a reviewer for AEA for some time. In BOTW he is joined by Mike C (vocals, guitar), Brandon (bass) and Rick H (drums). Garcia shot and edited the footage that serves as the backdrop of this immoderately brutal song. Filmed at an August 11 rehearsal where they were preparing for a performance with Origin and Belphegore at Reggie’s in Chicago, Illinois. He decided to film the band in black-and-white, getting clear shots of each member. For such a relentless, crushing track the band appear to handle it with flawless control, especially the drummer whose blast beats are steady and flowing to implement a firm foothold. The bassist plays a five string using his fingers which is another plus for BOTW. The combined shots of each band member actually makes the song easy to play if you understand the dynamics of the death metal genre. The guitar progressions and time changes come across as intuitive and uncompelled. With Iron Weapons and Will is a song written and composed by death metal purists for death metal purists, and doubtless should gain a solid listenership on the band’s strength of conviction alone. Along with this rehearsal video there are live clips of many bands Frank filmed at shows in the Chicago area. -Dave Wolff

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