Sunday, August 21, 2016

Video Review: CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE EM UPS I Look Like Hell by Abyss Forgottentomb

I Look Like Hell (Official Lyric Video)
From their upcoming full length We're Still Dead
There seems to be a comparison between “us” (and artists we are, not common sheep) and "them" (those who wanna be perfect in a sick society that judges others). Musically this song is like garage punk reminding me a bit of The Murderdolls and Peachy. The lyrics are certainly more similar to the 80's with a Rocky Horror style (which I like very much). We all live in a narrow minded, sick society where everybody judges and criticizes people they don't understand, because there's a "norm" with codes to be "well accepted" by a certain group if you wanna survive. It’s the same everywhere. "I look like hell and it suits me well"; it's the way some of us are because we are free to be ourselves and appearances are nothing compared to what we are in reality. The message of Chesty Malone is clear, and the video explains it well. "Rip that body, slit that throat" makes me think "well, if you hate yourself so much, fuck off and die". Accept yourself and fuck them all; the most important is not the way you look but the way you treat people. I recommend it. -Abyss Forgottentomb

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