Saturday, October 1, 2016

CD Review: BLOODSTORM Crypt Of The Storm Wizard

Crypt Of The Storm Wizard
Chaostorm Records
I first saw Blood Storm at NYC’s Wetlands (in 1995 or 1996) and started corresponding with founding member/frontman Mezzadurus through snail mail. What attracted me was their onrush of raw, primal black deaththrashing metal with atmosphere. I immediately knew the band had something to offer. Originating from the second wave of black metal and late 80s death metal, they have a sound that can’t entirely be reproduced. From interviewing Mezzadurus I unearthed the extensive research and study behind his lyrics. He has a deep occult knowledge as meaningful as his adherence to the roots of extreme music and the relentlessness he showed to make the band renowned around the world. For more about this refer to the Facebook page linked here or read some interviews with him. This Philadelphia band is a distinctive underground statement you’d do well to learn about. Released in January 2014, Crypt Of The Storm Wizard is not a new full length of the band’s but an anthology of demos, re-recordings and cover songs. Their latest album The Stellar Exorcism was released in September of that year. The reworkings of their debut demo Iron Flames Of Battle (Spell of the Burning Wind, Savior Under the Sword, Destroyer, Calling Lands of Blood Storm) are included here, delivered with that razor sharp bearing we have come to associate with the black metal that hasn’t been corrupted by music television and mass marketing. Just from these tracks we are reminded that black metal and occult metal was and is a cult, and was never meant to become trendy or palatable to the masses. The lyrics of Destroyer are testament to that; I have to add a quote: “I be thy dark invader endless in destruction/Supreme champion to the mighty empire of eternal nightfall.” A far cry from how lyrics of metal songs are expected to read aboveground, and it’s only a minute taste of what you can expect here. Granted the mainstream has Cradle Of Filth, and their lyrics have always been worthwhile to read, still there is infinitely more mind-expanding prose to pore over beneath the barrier between mainstream and underground. To experience additional excursions into forbidden knowledge and lost wisdom there is Yoggothian Slayers and Crypts Of Sorcery from the band’s second demo Death By The Stormwizard, The Howling Void, Ituhat Ipsos and Disease Falls From The Stars from their 2007 demo and their covers of Venom’s Satanachist and Necrovore’s Toxic Decay added as homage to inspirational bands. Besides these demos there are several full length releases to hear if you’ve been missing out on them until now. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. The Howling Void
2. Ituhat Ipsos
3. Disease Falls from the Stars
4. Spell of the Burning Wind
5. Savior Under the Sword
6. Destroyer
7. Calling Lands of Blood Storm
8. Yuggothian Slayers
9. Expulsion of Wrath
10. Serpents of the Icecross
11. Crypts of Sorcery
12. Satanachist (Venom cover)
13. Toxic Decay (Necrovore cover)

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