Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Vampires Kiss' by Skitz J. Fitch

Vampires Kiss

One I worship one I bend down and praise on one knee bring out the best bring out the beast in me.
Like rancid pedals on beauty laced flower spread thy self open and let me sink in.
Pale like snow is the color of your skin soon drenched in the blood of those I sacrifice in your name soak in there youth give unto me there sins.
I will lay the world to waste in your name if it is what you command I am the willing slave the destroyer of all I am yours completely.
No other has ever filled my mind in anger in love in sight all else to I am blind.
Seduce me with lips like roses kisses like a drug I can not quit cut into my flesh drop me to my knees release me to your ecstasy.
A corpse brought back to live in darkness eternal with you as my master and my love there is nothing I would not do for you.
I have no emotion for those beyond myself yet you and I are the same sanity not known to me in this world for thoughts on you are all I can obtain.
Sink your teeth into me bring me to the depths of your dark abyss let us seal this love unholy and complete left in my veins this Vampire's Kiss .

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