Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Restless Confines' by Jerry Langdon

Restless Confines
By Jerry Langdon, 2016

These walls stained with nightmares that haunt me
Confine and constrain me; taunt with what should not be.
The very air that surrounds me
Harbors beast I'm unable to see.
The eaves whisper evil chants
The door spews murderous rants.
Stabbing out with mental blade
In vain, the fiend cannot be slayed
The fallen striving to rise
Torture with their tremendous cries.
Constantly cursing the banning skies
Longing to while under those I despise.
These walls stained in pain
Know the madness of being insane
Confine and constrain
Taunt and restrain
Shall be my demise
The bed where my corpse lies.

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