Sunday, October 30, 2016

EP Review: ILLUM ADORA "Son Of Dawn" (Kneel Before the Master's Throne Records) by Dave Wolff

Kneel Before the Master's Throne Records
Koblenz, Germany’s Illum Adora began in 2011 as a one-man project after Hurricane Hellfucker’s previous band Zarathustra fell into slumber. After a few years it became a full band that experienced some lineup changes before settling into a three piece with guitarist Profanator and drummer M. Marax. Preceding their debut EP are two demos (2015’s Begotten and 2016’s Unchained From Slavery), the occult/satanic philosophy Hellfucker imagined for the concept and the tagline he adapted for the band, Non Serviam Black Metal. The idea according to the official bio is to place more emphasis on songwriting than a polished production job. Before I started listening to the EP I wondered how he intended to approach the songwriting over shine approach, given the number of raw and cult black metal bands that surfaced around the world since 1995. From the first track there are raw overtones similar to Arckanum, as the instruments are recorded clearly enough that the results aren’t over-distorted. Most of the songwriting is standard occult black metal but there is a sense of conviction and honesty as Hellfucker and his band seek to tear your immortal soul from your body and devour it with a single swallow. The tracks sound given a minimal amount of echo to suggest the timeless theme of black metal, performed with some chaotic license while remaining tight overall. The vocals most reminded me of Arckanum, but aside from this there is improvement from what I heard of their demos production-wise. Illum Adora also make use of guitar harmonies, time changes, drum accents, feedback, effects and perhaps even hints of classic metal at times. The cover art shows the band take their occult theme seriously and it resonates as being deeply personal. Son Of Dawn is a well-grounded start to the band’s recording career. If you live to give the devil his due this is a band you should be checking out. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Son of Dawn
2. Eyes of the Scythe Wielder
3. In Hideous Blasphemy
4. The Suffering of Affliction

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