Monday, February 28, 2022

Full Length Review: Wintaar "Tear You Down" (Satanath Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Wintaar
Location: Mikhaylovsk
Country: Russia
Genre: Atmospheric black metal
Full Length: Tear You Down
Format: Compact disc, digital album
Label: Satanath Records
Release date: November 25, 2021
Back yet again and this time we are going to be taking a walk through a dark Russian forest with one of the most ‘tranquil’ releases I’ve heard in a while!
Wintaar - Tear You Down
So this is the 2021 release by Satanath Records with 8 new tracks ready to be devoured!
Going into this (as is the norm for most albums) I never know what to expect, you can look at the album cover, read the bios but still have no real idea of what you're going to be experiencing until the music hits and what an interesting listen it was.
I think the description that best suits this album for me is ‘atmospheric black metal’ the way it’s presented it’s so dark and eerie but at the same drone like and ambient in its appearance, sound and presentation.
Each track flows into the next like a calming river, the conceptuality is on point and the way it runs is something to admire.
The instrumentation on this album is great because it highlights how you can make a Black Metal album sound simultaneously brutal and meditative all at the same time,
It’s really if you think about it what would happen if you decided to grab your favourite ambient artist say Brian Eno and then introduce him to the Black Metal culture and then finish it off with some Drone flavour and this is what you would get at the end result, it’s the perfect album for keeping your mind busy without having to think too much on the presentation or substance of the record.
The essence that drives this album is ‘ambience’ and I love how they were able to formulate a way to not take away the brutal, growling vocal screams commonly associated with Black Metal and just mix it in with a genre that is normally the complete opposite of that sound! But yet make it work at the same time which is mind blowing to me.
So, in a nutshell. If you're looking for a record to drive home too, walk your dog, do the dishes, relax, cook or clean then I feel this is the kind of head banger meditation that metalheads far and wide would love to use to ease their day with, I’m sure fans of other styles of music would find a lot to love about it as well!
Trust me, it’s truly a unique experience but one definitely worth sharing and trying! Great work guys! Corban Skipwith

WV: Vocals, guitars, bass
Namiros: Guitars
E.J.C.: Drums, bass, backing vocals

Track list:
1. Time Devours Light
2. I Will Wait For You In My Hell
3. Dissolved By Visions
4. Thy Bones (Through The Prism Of Anger)
5. The Circle
6. Last Step
7. Buried In My Own Sorrow
8. I Will Wait For You In My Hell [WV version]

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