Friday, March 1, 2019

Promotional Video Review: THE BLACK WATER PANIC PROJECT 'The Seventh Bat' by Dave Wolff

Place of origin: Zielona Gora, Poland
Genre: Goth, industrial, metal
Promotional video: The Seventh Bat
Release date: September 15, 2017
While I’m in no way an art snob I consider ‘The Seventh Bat’ to be in a league of its own. Some promotional videos were made with similar themes, but this one comes from what is apparently a deeply traumatized state of mind. With grainy production, ghastly and macabre imagery and a soundtrack of ambient and experimental effects, The Black Water Panic Project and the creative force behind it is to take note of if you have a penchant for arcane independent productions like Begotten, Aftermath and Din Of Celestial Birds. After watching this seven-minute feature I doubt if any review I write could do it justice without a considerably extensive study of the video. I hope going by first impressions will provide enough of a perception of what BWPP founder, known as ‘Nightmare Animal’, had in mind. ‘The Seventh Bat’ and the other songs Nightmare Animal composed for ‘BATS: Melodies and Lullabies for Samal’ are dedications to his “soon to be ex-wife” who assaulted him with a knife in his sleep. This information is included in his project’s bio, and should provide at least some insight. Being near-fatally assaulted by his wife was an experience he understandably endeavors to purge with this clip, which can be better described as a short film comparable to Merhige and Cerdà. I don’t have any idea what state of mind she was in when she committed the act, but ‘The Seventh Bat’ doesn’t show it as pleasant. Swooping nocturnal creatures fly into your field of vision surrounded by darkness that persists throughout the video amid negative shots and a slew of disturbing images. A disembodied eye, a stoic man in a demonic mask, an inexpressive female mask that suddenly breaks into a chilling smile as it opens its eyes, a grim reaper like figure against a bleak background, a horrific clown in darkness, fleeting images of towns, planes and airport interiors and an x-ray of human lungs are just a handful of images passing you by. These are interspersed with flocks of bats against a grey sky, closeup shots of a lone, menacing bat preparing to drink from you and random computerized images flickering across the screen. All the while there is a subdued, almost tranquil, musical passage of cold, atmospheric ambience, accentuated by dreamlike notes, deep synthesizers, ethereal keyboards and electronic percussion. These instruments are arranged like a tapestry of the most elaborate needlework, enhancing the frightfully eerie specters on the screen. Prolonged exposure to this clip would be like firsthand involvement in the audial and visual nightmare unfolding before you, with no escaping the memories that inspired it. The latest single from this project, ‘Kvlt Of Iron,’ was released on February 14, 2019. -Dave Wolff

Nightmare Animal: vocals, keyboards, electronic devices

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