Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Video Review: Roses Unread "Fireflies" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Location: Jackson, Tennessee
Country: USA
Genre: Nu metal, alternative
Video: Fireflies
Format: Streaming
Label: Independent
Release date: July 15, 2022
In 2007, Roses Unread was conceptualized as a band that writes compositions with a big wall of sound and melodies designed to endure. While their official site includes only a brief biography, you can probably get more information about them on their Youtube channel, which has nine of their thirteen promotional videos (the other four are hidden), EPs and video logs.
A certain surreal quality, uncommon for pop-rock-metal bands, unites the band's videos, which are directed and produced by different talents. Each of their videos tells a story based on the lyrics, from what I gather from watching them. Additionally, their videos depict consistent themes of isolation, alienation, and confusion fully intended to be relatable to the viewer. “Rapture”, “After All”, “Vultures”, Better Off” and “Leave A Light On” are good examples of what they try to convey through music and imagery.
The content of some of these videos might be considered too painful or at least uncomfortable by some viewers. Thus, the band has an intense heaviness to them, similar to underground bands with more extreme music. After watching their other videos and watching "Fireflies," I was familiar with the way they use celluloid and the written word to tell stories. Since each video had its own theme filmed specifically to fit each song, I can say that "Fireflies" stood out from the rest with a visual concept all its own.
As well as using contrasts of light and darkness, "Fireflies" uses lighting and candles to enhance the lyrics in a unique fashion. It illustrates how darkness requires light as much as light requires darkness to exist. Combined with art direction that allows multiple images within the same shot, the video appears mystical, illusionary, and chimerical. Akin to how the song is their smoothest and most melodic, this is the band's most inventively produced video. Moreover, the way it is made really urges you to think about what is happening musically and visually, how it connects with you and how it speaks to you. –Dave Wolff

Allison Purifoy: Vocals
John Purifoy: Guitar
Jed Hood: Bass
Rocky Griggs: Drums

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