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Article: "Take Back The Night" by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza

Take Back The Night
Article by Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza
July 7, 2012 at 9:22pm

Perhaps you recently read about our campaign to re-install basic manners and chivalry into the community at large in our articles in the summer edition of the Sahjaza Newsletter, (June - August 2012). If not, I will tell you something of this now. It has come to our attention that basic manners are at epidemic proportions of moral decay. This is ramped not just in our close-knit community but the community at large.
As I first said in 1985 I say again now, "Chivalry is the new Macho," and please note that, this applies to both, men and women.
I hereby challenge you to do something about this disgusting and degrading behavior. I call upon you to take part in our efforts to take back the night and bring it back to the proper decorum and civility that once ruled our nightside and make it new. Return to what once held us up and apart from others and make it current and trendy. There is nothing honorable in being rude, and snotty and lacking manners, it only makes you look like a disgruntled ass and nothing more then out of control and in need of some sort of hostility counseling, or anger management, or medication. No I think that we are all better than that.
Trolling out and striking at others from behind computer screens does not make you some kind of hero nor is it interesting. In fact, it's rather akin to bottom feeder energy and seeking that should be deplored not heralded by our community (a once respected part of the sub-culture, if we're to continue to be a subculture and not some dying out thought some staged effort by those with an axe to grind).
I see that group bashing is ramped and in style heralded on by those who cheer and applaud this activity, but never are any specific individuals mentioned by name. If there is a person or group you have issue with be bold and name it do not blanket bash groups because your angry with “so and so group” or some individual name them and deal with the issue at hand.
The Sahjaza 2012 objective is to lead by example and to spread the world that respect of Elders is a good thing dayside and nightside. I hope that the concept spreads throughout our community. It would be good for the soul if our community could influence the world at large in more then fashion statement, but in the concept and actions of civility, manners and respect.
The whole world lacks for the most part the rudimentary concept of civility and is so disrespectful and seems to think that this is an okay or cool way to be or rebel. Clearly it's not. This is an underhanded concept that will eventually lead to unrest and hate crimes against those who oppose this concept or any concept that is not with this hateful movement I call the, "Jerry Springer," attitude. Heaven forbid we as a subculture revered for Victorian civility and manners begins to look like that.
Let's all turn back the clock and start to show the world what were really all about, that we hold our Elders up high -- those that are worthy have much to say that is useful and will teach us how to deal with and move though life.
We will show via example that the new macho is chivalry and practice this in our everyday lives not just in nightside or dayside, and we will talk to others about the benefits that traditions and culture bring to your life and the lives of others. This is our year to create the year of the dragon. Feed your inner dragon and carry on this message to all who will listen. If they do not hear you, perhaps they will see you and some day feel you when they are the ones in need of this in their time or turn we have always led by example and will do so now and keep our message on point. I assure you we attempt at all times to practice what we preach.
Blessings and wonderful weekend and summer to you all! Blessed are the Crones, Shaman and Elders in your midst. See what they have to impart on you of their sacred knowledge information and more.

Hail Sahjaza!

Goddess Rosemary
High Priestess and Matriarch Temple Sahjaza.

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