Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'Ruin of Man!' by Rich Orth

Ruin of Man!
By Rich Orth, 3/14/2016

Man denies
Defies factuality
Destroying as he builds
Desecrating all preceding him...
Belief by miniscule minds
....Creation meant humanity
Though his trifle existence
Began not so long ago
Whilst flora, fauna
Man's forbearers...
Subjected to subjugation
Remain, somehow thrive
Despite man's depravity
...utter insolence...
Unbearable to even falsified gods
Ironically demonic
As treasonously man lies...
In bed with his demons
Bartering his soul
Contravening true meaning
As he buries his role
Deep into Mother Earth
She who truly cultivates birth
Of nations, worlds
Along with her worshipped Sun
Sowing seeds
As corpse upon corpse tis hung
Biding time
Decay hath begun
Humanity's criminality
Sentenced to death
Skeletal remains
In due time
Simply trellises
For nature to climb

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