Friday, April 17, 2015

CD review: MY SON THE BUM Follow Me, Like Me by Teresa Clayton

Follow Me, Like Me
Wig City

Follow Me, Like Me by My Son The Bum is a self-fulfilling prophecy. While each song starts out strong, the listener anticipating something of worth, about the only thing the listener can take away from this is the mind-consuming mantra of the hook line on loop. The lyrics are contemporary in subject, but I really don't want to listen to how someone texts and drives to their death, the co-dependency of a cell phone addict or Youtube University (it say it all in the title). The lyricist is good with a hook but the rest of the production is for the kindergarten demographic; those who don't want anything more complicated than a commercial jingle. If they could write with more complexity and challenge us with something deeper, or adopt the writing of someone more complex, they could actually be contenders. The music itself is not bad... but once the lyrical part kicks in, the musical gifts fall from grace. -Teresa Clayton