Thursday, January 26, 2017

CD Review: THE NIGHTSTALKER A Journey in Hell

A Journey in Hell
Wolfshade Records
From Rivne, Ukraine, The Nightstalker offer a release of dark gothic doom metal. Refreshing to hear in a sea of mediocrity a band attempting and succeeding to forge a path not followed by many. Perfect production with all instruments discernible and astute detail to composition. “The Departure” immediately captures the listener to a landscape of despair and longing with a forlorn angst. The only criticism (albeit minor) is the songs are too short for this genre. It can be assumed this was a compositional technique levelled in response to other bands within this genre who regularly compose material at a minimum of 9 minutes. Excellent use of acoustic guitars at counterpoint melody with haunting keyboards. Bass and drums are subdued but tightly support the protagonists of guitar, keys and vocals. “Like I Already Know This Foe” is almost blackened doom stylistically and is very convincing in presenting the diversity this band displays. Lead guitars are not overdone and as with the keyboards, serve to increase the atmosphere. “Cerberus” sees the band venturing into black metal territory reminiscent of early Emperor/Dimmu Borgir and is quite a standout track. Again, frustratingly too short but kudos to the band for seeking an original approach successfully. “The Library,” “Back Again” and “Waiting for Miss Ombrelle” are all fantastic songs. Released on Wolfshade Records, highly recommended. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. The Departure
2. The Children of the Devil
3. Like I Already Know this Foe
4. The Plain of the Warriors
5. Cerberus
6. The Pursuer is Near
7. The Library
8. I've Found Her
9. Back Again
10. Red Moon Rises
11. Waiting for Miss Ombrelle

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