Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CD Review: WRATH FROM ABOVE Beyond Ruthless Cold

Beyond Ruthless Cold
Apathia Records
Hailing from Nantes, France, blackened/war/death metal act Wrath from Above deliver a Soviet communist ideologically charged wall of spiteful nastiness. Exactly what raw black metal in the vein of Tsjuder, Marduk, 1349 and others should be. Forget about overdone production, solos, breakdowns or tempo variation here. This band have come with only one purpose in mind and that is to destroy all who oppose. Vocals, drums and guitars are audible enough and as the listener should expect, bass lines can only faintly be made out. Very true to the style, compositionally there is enough to keep interest through rasp and growled variation in the vocal lines. “Permafrost” is a highlight with string skipping riffs and nice arpeggio hooks in the melody. The only drawback to this release is after a while it can start to sound monotonous as there is no variation whatsoever in delivery. Then again, that is the point of this music: to blast the listener out of existence. “Storm the Sky” is another highlight with increased use of the low growl backing the rasps of the main vocalist and some lines on their own. Another quality French release, which quite unfairly for many French metal bands may go ignored. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Beyond Ruthless Cold
2. Prevail
3. Permafrost
4. They Came At Night
5. Storm The Sky
6. Empire
7. Scorching Ground (Interlude)
8. Besieged
9. Concealed Weapons
10. World's Burning
11. Everlast

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