Wednesday, January 25, 2017

EP Review: RANCE Self-titled

I present to you from Paris, France the band Rance.
This band really took me back to very early 90's tape trading in the underground Black Metal scene Rance is a very atmospheric raw black metal band with killer buzz saw guitar attack on this mind blowing 4 track EP.
We shall begin with their first track Denis.
It reminds me of a template Bathory would use in their music it is great melodic chaotic approach they took with this track very gloomy and dark depressive settings and tones in each change in this one track I feel lots of thought was taking with the feel of this track. The drumming was like a tank bulldozing everything in sight and, these rapid guitar picking technique was like someone digging a grave to throw Denis body in.
Second track Cathy.
Hearing this track took it to very early Hecate Enthroned days with a girl screaming in such painful beautiful bloody shrieks The vocal patterns on this track were very well placed and the pace of it was like big strong black metal orchestra with huge fill's the chord progression was very interesting in this track very unique in every sense you must hear this track I absolutely loved it.
Third track Jeanine.
The guitar playing on this track is very beautiful the feel this guitarist puts in the pick you can feel every bit of what he is putting across it keeps your ears and mind hypnotized like being taken into this other world of the dead there is so much agony and pain in this track.
Fourth and, final track Rance.
The feel of this track is very innovating with creepy satanic bends and twists in the middle of the song the band is so wonderfully orchestrated with so much passion I feel all these songs lead to a bigger story about Denis, Cathy, Jeanine and, Rance like something just caught up to them and are going to take these souls to the other dimension of pain and suffering for all eternity.
This is a must check out band remember the name Rance and keep supporting underground metal all over the world you guys are a true gem keep up the great work Rance. -Gene Olivarri

Track list:
1. Denis
2. Cathy
3. Jeanine
4. Rance

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