Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Video Review: HORROR GOD Dust: 10/2016 by Simon Brown

Dust: 10/2016
Recording tracks for upcoming split CD
From the forthcoming split CD with Techne to be released via Lavadome productions in 2017, Moscow’s Horror God describe themselves as experimental death metal. While not inaccurate, they invoke images of bands such as Hypocrisy on speed through sound and vocal delivery. What they are, however is very good. Polished with a well-executed sound, this band does not have the appearance of your standard death metal band. This video set in a recording studio showcases the technical mastery this band hold over their instruments and as a collective unit. From what is displayed, this is a band who would rather let the music do the talking. The listener can expect multiple solos, a tight rhythm section, clarity of production without being too clinical and all played at a ferocious pace. For a style often too generic, this band stand above as an example of modern death metal still holding something of value to the listener. Highly recommended. -Simon Brown

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