Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CD Review: AMPÜTATOR Deathcult Barbaric Hell (Reissue)

Deathcult Barbaric Hell (Reissue)
I really dig the intensity of the drums on this. The guitar is extremely high octane. I pick up a lot of intensity in the vocals. You can definitely feel the rage. I feel like it is well done lyrically. I dig the screams and the growls. This is totally mosh pit worthy!!! I'm talking wall of death! Sadly Ampütator parted ways in 2014. I would love to hear them coming out with fresh new stuff. With so much talent, they could do great things. This album is from 2007. Vaz-guitar, Impurath-vocals, Duncan McVeigh-drums,vocals. Amputator is a black metal band who were active from 2005 to 2014, and were from Rhode Island/Connecticut. -Deanna Revis

Track list:
1. Rape Kill Annihilate
2. Gutterslut
3. Sarin Death Vengeance
4. Obliteration
5. Massacre Bloodhate
6. Slaughter of the Innocent [Repulsion cover]
7. With Hate
8. Extinction Deathmarch
9. Complete Butchery
10. Feasting on Vermin
11. Creed of Persecution

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