Sunday, June 4, 2017

CD Review: SOLLERTIA Light

Available in physical and digital format
Also available for streaming at Soundcloud
The name of the album may be 'Light', but there is nothing light about this album. All of the songs are well written and original. There is a nice balance of heavy and mellow as well as melodic and doom/darkness. This is an album where I can turn it on, close my eyes, get lost, and let it take me away. I really like how it hits on melodic, doom, and progressive. For me there is a dreamy feel in a way. It is dark, yet its not. It is a very unique album. I feel like there is definately a sound that is not normally found in doom metal. The guitar solos are simply amazing. This is the first full length album for Sollertia. The band is from Minneappolis, Minnesota. James Fogarty (Ewigkeit, In the Woods..., ex-The Meads of Asphodel) and Vanja Obscura Martyium (Martyrium, Sandmist, ex-Obscure) are on vocals and VoA VoXyD (ex-Ad Inferna, ex-De Profundis, Demandolx) is on bass, guitar, drums, and keys. This is one i highly reccomend. It is definately worth giving a listen. -Deanna Revis

Track list:
1. Adducantur
2. Abstract Object Theory
3. Pascal's Wager
4. Enter The Light Eternal
5. Praying At The Chapel Perilous
6. The Devils Seethe
7. Mathematical Universe Hypothesis
8. Dark Night Of The Soul
9. Sisyphean Cycle
10. Positive Disintegration
11. Light

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