Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Video Review: FINAL VOID Thoreau (Official Lyric Video) by Deanna Revis

Thoreau (Official Lyric Video)
From their debut album Sounds Of Absence
Video Editing by Toni Hangasmäki
I really liked this one. This track has the perfect balance of singing, growls, and amazing guitar solos. It has a very powerful message, at least it does for me. The sound is mellow and powerful, has great pick-ups. Another great thing for me is it strong and powerful, yet melodic. The video shows both mellow and peaceful images as well as strong and powerful ones. That works very well because the song is both mellow and powerful. It is like emotional rock with growls. It makes me think about my journey in life, and wonder what the songwriter was feeling when the song was written, because it is so full of feeling and raw emotion. Final Void is made up of Tuomas Kotajarvi-lead vocals, Janne Puranen-growls\bass, Toni Hangasmaki-lead guitar, Eino Roihuvuo-guitar, and Roni Revell-drums. Albert Hyronen played on this track as a guest guitarist after being a finalist in the guitar competition Kitarasaskari. Final Void is from Tampere Finland and was founded in 2012. They started work on their debut album in 2015 and released in Spring 2017. This track is definitely a great one, it makes me want to hear the rest of the album. The band has a very unique sound and a lot of talent. -Deanna Revis

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