Friday, June 9, 2017

Video Review: SAPATA Sex Magik by Roberta Downing

Sex Magik
From the 2017 full length Satanibator (Inverse Records)
Video filmed, edited and produced by Aleksi Kiiskilä
Sex Magik has a very lovely heavy goth or doom rock sound and the singer really reminds me of some of the classic Ronnie James Dio, specifically the song Holy Diver, with the singing format. The video takes place solely in a wooded area showing a lot of trees which can be seen as being phallic in nature and a woman dressed in sexy goth / witchy attire sporting the vampire symbol of eternal life. It captures a surreal dream like state. The video is very mysterious however one would expect to see some sort of spell working or magical workings and even perhaps some sexual innuendos. I love the music as it was dark, gothic and full of goth rock. This is the kind of goth rock I adore. -Roberta Downing

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