Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CD Review: DARK MATTER SECRET Perfect World Creation

Perfect World Creation
The Artisan Era
This seven track album has my attention! It is all instrumental. I think it is well composed and all together a great album. With tracks like Organic Nucleation and Chaos Born, there are so many levels of feeling. It is technical. It is extreme. It is progressive. IT IS HEAVY METAL! If you read my reviews often, you know what a sucker I am for guitar. This one wins me over. The guitar solos and riffs. It takes me away. I like the instrumental albums because you can really pick up on the playing. Dark Matter Secret hails from Russsia. Denis Shvarts is an absolute monster on guitar. Pavel Semin is playing fretless bass. Andrey Ischenko is tearing it up on drums. Dark Matter Secret formed in 2015, releasing Perfect World Creation June 2, 2017. These guys are going to do great things; this album is proof of that. -Deanna Revis

Track list:
1. Chaos Born
2. Ancient Gods Genesis
3. Emergence of Time
4. Synthesis of Matter
5. Constellation Glows
6. Organic Nucleation
7. Perfect World Creation

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