Sunday, February 11, 2018

EP Review: DARK ARCHIVE Cultivate Our Blood In Aeon (Inverse Records)

Cultivate Our Blood In Aeon
Release Date: January 31, 2018
Country of origin: Finland
Genre: Black metal
It is before 5 pm on a Sunday and I was sent ''Cultivate Our Blood In Aeon,'' a new release from the Finnish black-metal band DARK ARCHIVE. Released January 31st 2018 on INVERSE RECORDS, this piece quickly assaults my ears with morbid satanic revelry. Featuring five tracks, this release is what I consider to be the ''perfect'' length EP. Not too long, not too short... just perfection. My ears are telling me that the drum tracks are produced by a machine, but I could be wrong. If these beats are created by a man sitting at a drum set, then I can honestly say that he is probably a cyborg and the human race is probably going to end soon via cyborg takeover. As you can guess by now, the drum tracks are phenomenal and they are well adjusted to the songs. The guitars are bleak, yet they have extreme drive, pushing along with the drums to create a diabolical atmosphere. Vocally, you have your standard black-metal rasps and demonic vocalizations, but they are done well with an obvious tinge of finesse. On a final note, I will also mention that within the morbid darkness there is also beautiful acoustics and piano work, a nice touch amid the constant shrieks and blasphemy. As far as black-metal goes, this release is entirely on par. I suggest you pour a glass of fine red wine, adorn your most expensive suit and head to the loneliness of your bedroom where you can bathe in black-metal and your own mild narcissism. I give this release a 9.9/10, only taking the 0.1 off the top because the band did not mention whether their drummer is a person or not. (I kid, I kid. This is great. 10/10) -Devin Joseph Meaney

Track list:
1. Cultivate our blood in Aeon
2. Closure of Empyrean delirium
3. Godfear Eradication
4. Unohda ei ikinä
5. Essence of Death

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