Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Full Length Review: NOVAREIGN Legends (M-Theory)

Country of origin: USA
Genre: Progressive power metal
Release date: February 16, 2018
Novareign! Stellar power metal. I can hardly describe this. Into the thunderous battlefields my brain charges. With mind burning cover art of warriors worthy of battle, this band roars into my ears with flashing guitar solos and shredding riffs worthy of Valhalla’s acceptance!. Although at some points the vocals can fall a little short, but the vocalist has the voice of a demigod, shrill and loud! I still find myself clawing for the next song. As I reach for my beer, tossing my head up and down this band brings a fresh kill into the room and I can’t help but dig in. So many try to slam a power metal album down, like a Nordic rune stone to be worshiped by the locals, all I can say is. This was worth my time. It should be worth yours .This new generation power metal deserves its chance at glory! It comes with an atmosphere. Acoustic guitar at some points can in my opinion call out a sadness, but then pull out courage. Something I could listen to in a dark time, but have it pull me out... help me find courage to face what comes ahead. Strength comes out of this. It empowers. I love this. Take a listen! -Patrick McGuigan

Track list:
1. Call On The Storm
2. Mace Of A Fist
3. Beyond The Cold
4. Heavy Heart
5. Skyline
6. To Wander The Stars
7. The Builder
8. Black As The Dead Of Night
9. Legends

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