Sunday, February 11, 2018

Promotional Video Review: ORPHANED LAND All Is One by Dave Wolff

All Is One
Title track from the 2013 full length All Is One released by Century Media June 24
Director: Shahar Hamo
Country of origin: Israel
Genre: Mideastern folk metal
Video release date: July 16, 2013
As I still often do, I heard of Orphaned Land purely by chance. While surfing Youtube I ended up watching a video of an ABC TV clip Israeli heavy metal band rocking for peace which included an interview with vocalist Kobi Farhi. In the video he was talking about his band touring with the Palestinian band Khalas, in an effort to heal the long standing animosity between the governments of those two countries. I’m sure when this piece was aired it came as a shock to viewers who still believe metal fans are drunken boors who can’t communicate intelligently. Those of us who know better will see Farhi’s interview has none of that oversimplified conception. As most bands from underground scenes are, he is unassuming and candid as he discusses what he intends to achieve though the tour (also covered by The Independent in February 2014). This made me want to watch the promotional video for All Is One as parts of it were in the broadcast. Finding it at Century Media’s Youtube I saw the song and the video are nothing short of brilliant, with a message that fits their style. If you like precise guitars, native instrumentation, Middle Eastern vibes, melodic, sophisticated vocals, symphonic metal-like choruses, flawless production, atmospheric shots without overdone computer animation and women seductively belly dancing to the song’s rhythm, I urge you to support this band. Back to the message the song conveys, it couldn’t have come at a time when it needed to be said by someone, and since metal has been known to bridge cultural gaps for years, I see infinite potential on Orphaned Land’s part to take it farther. I have to give Farhi props for having the guts to call it to the public’s attention in spite of the media spin and “fake news” controversy surrounding world affairs. Orphaned Land just released a new full length Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs on Century Media last month; it is said to be a concept album and is receiving a lot of press attention so go get it. -Dave Wolff

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