Friday, February 9, 2018

Single Review: BLOOD OF THE WOLF Campaign Of Extermination

Campaign Of Extermination
Talen from the full length II: Campaign Of Extermination to be released April 7, 2018
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Blackened death metal
Release Date: January 2, 2018
This, needless to say, is the title track of a new album to be released by Blood Of The Wolf. I was introduced to this band by guitarist Frank Garcia (Nekropsy, Waking Chaos, Artemortifica) and the one track I heard from their 2016 debut I: The Law Of Retaliation (With Iron Weapons And Will) didn’t take long to convince me I should write a review. I remember being instantly blown away by that piece, which for a new band sounded recorded by musicians who have been working together for many years. Eighteen months later, Campaign Of Extermination shows the band gaining momentum at a steady rate; if this is indicative of Chicago, Illinois death metal the scene there is thriving, teeming with energy seemingly from hell itself. You won’t want to miss what’s going on in that part of the country, so travel if you can or at least do frequent Youtube searches. In my last review I described the band as being relentless, crushing, intuitive and uncompelled. Keep in mind this was a rehearsal track I was talking about. In this studio recording BOTW shows a certain amount of improvement since their debut. In Campaign Of Extermination they’re faster, tighter, heavier and more brutal as their familiarity with each other’s method of songwriting and performance. Their symbiosis between guitar progressions, double bass and vocals is close to impeccable. I can make the same statement about the harmonies of Garcia and guitarist/vocalist Mike Koniglio and Rick Hernandez’s ability to handle fills as relentlessly as blast beats. I would have liked to hear more of Christopher Grimes’s bass in the mix to reinforce this song’s weight and competency. Whether the band intended it or not, Campaign Of Extermination could be attributed to black metal if you take into consideration the atmosphere and linear thrust of the guitars. Close comparisons would be to Mayhem and Vital Remains, both accomplished bands in terms of professionalism and drive to deliver quality extreme music. Koniglio enunciates the lyrics well, and most fans of brutal death metal won’t need a lyric sheet to discern his lines. I should add the cover artwork for the new album is simply brilliant and calls to mind the cover art bands like Bestial Warlust showcased in the 90s. As a taste of the new album, this track will likely generate a great deal of anticipation for its release. When you think of brutal death metal, think of Blood Of The Wolf. -Dave Wolff

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