Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Full Length Review: BLACK SPACE RIDERS Amoretum Vol. 1. (Black Space Records)

Amoretum Vol. 1.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Cargo Records
UK: PHD (Plastic Head Distribution)
BeNeLux: Suburban Records
Scandinavia: Border Music
Italy: Goodfellas
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Country of origin: Germany
Genre: Heavy/psychedelic space rock
This full length album was released on all digital platforms as well as the band’s shop,. The album is atmospheric, groovy, trippy, but hard as hell all at the same time. It is a perfect balance. This is the best album I have listened to in a long time. Black Space Riders is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The band draws influence from space and earth, death and birth. They are on Black Space Records and currently hail from Muenster. Germany. The video for 'Movements' from the band's latest album is well worth watching. The song starts off mellow and peaceful, but takes a quick turn to a heavier, grittier sound. The video shows much the same, with the calm and peaceful images of nature, but quickly changes to the gritty, dirty, bustling images of a busy life. 'Another Sort of Homecoming' also from the album reminds me of "old school" cartoons. It has an upbeat sound and feel that, for me, is full of positive energy. -Deanna Revis

JE lead vocals, guitars, keys, piano, electronics
SEB lead vocals, keys, percussion, electronics
C.RIP drums, percussion
SLI guitars
SAQ bass guitar (until sept. 2017)
MEI bass guitar (since june 2017)

Track list:
1. Lovely lovelie
2. Another sort of homecoming
3. Soul shelter (inside of me)
4. Movements
5. Come and follow
6. Friends are falling
7. Fire! Fire! (Death of a giant)
8. Fellow peacemakers

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