Saturday, November 3, 2018

Full Length Review: GRIDFAILURE When The Lights Go Out Volume II (Independent) by Dave Wolff

When The Lights Go Out Volume II
Place of origin: Valley Cottage, New York, USA
Genre: Experimental, dark ambient
Release date: October 30, 2018
Available for streaming at Bandcamp
David Brenner has recorded at least fourteen or fifteen single, EP and full length releases since he started Gridfailure in 2016. This is not your typical ambient project, if there is such a thing anymore. It will keep you interested as you’ll never know what to expect next. Only in New York will someone be struck with the idea of assembling his most bizarre visions on record. From what I’ve been reading by fans, Brenner accomplishes this every time. Each recording features special collaborations with guest musicians adding their mark to Brenner’s otherworldly soundscapes; with each undertaking you’ll get something radically different from the last. Place this next to his unflinching curiosity to delve into the most atrocious habits of the human species and you have a project that will leave an indelible imprint on your √©lan vital. Think of classic movies like 2001, The Shining, Escape From New York and American Psycho seen through the eyes of a bedlamite. But Gridfailure has infinitely more to offer as you cross the threshold between sanity and madness. When The Lights Go Out Volume II is a direct sequel to When The Lights Go Out Volume I, released Halloween 2017. The horror is cerebral as much as it is visceral, since you’ll have to consider what consternates you the most, whatever it may be, or perhaps this album will open those doors for you. It’s an unpleasant prospect but this project’s appeal lies in exposing your darkest fears in technicolor. Bands such as Celtic Frost, Burzum and Abruptum have explored this territory, but you might say they only scratched the surface when you have listened to Gridfailure. With darkened musical tapestries, subtle electronic effects and chilling atmospheres. it serves to manifest your nethermost disquietude, petrifying you to the bone, perpetuating your fears to waking nightmarish levels. It takes your fascination with the most brutal death metal and blasphemous black metal, heightening them in ways you hadn’t suspected possible. You haven’t completely experienced dark ambient music until you listen to the deep seated trepidation Brenner and his guest musicians create on When The Lights Go Out Volume II. This is sonic darkness of the highest order, and once you check it out you may not look at extreme music the same way again. -Dave Wolff

David Brenner: Vocals, keyboards, synth, guitars, bass, percussion
Faith Ciavarella: Guest vocals
Morgan Evans: Guest vocals
Liz Ciavarella-Brenner: Guest keyboards, acoustic guitar
Benjamin Levitt: Guest organ
David Rodgers: Guest recordings

Track list:
1. Crimson Eyes At Dusk
2. From Portals
3. Diminishing Realism
4. A Void Within The Congregation
5. Veiled Presence
6. Watch Faith Not Save You
7. Disposing Of The Remains
8. The Lights Go Out

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