Thursday, January 10, 2019

Full Length Review: CONDOR El Valle del Cóndor (La Caverna Records) by Sarah McKellar

Place of origin: Bogota, Colombia
Genre: Doom/death/heavy metal
Full length: El Valle del Cóndor
Label: La Caverna Records
Release date: November 28, 2018
Cóndor is a five piece doom/death project hailing from Bogota, Colombia. Signed under Colombian underground label, La Caverna Records, “El Valle del Cóndor” is their 2018 full length release. A classic heavy metal style riff opens this release, in stark contrast to the more doom and death aspects making an interesting start to “El Valle del Cóndor.” It creates a contrast which genuinely melodically works and shows off the musical diversity Cóndor are capable of. Heavy use of distortion feature frequently throughout this release, as well as the use of samples displaying versatility and an experimental streak. The frequent use of heavy metal riffs create either a rocking or mournful tone to the tracks- which is musically very engaging and lends itself to a real sense of diversity to this release. The growling vocals against the harmonious riffs add a layer of brutal contrast and rawness. Cóndor have successfully merged doom, death and heavy metal in a really interesting and creative manner which I personally really enjoyed. Cóndor’s dedication to this release shows in how technically tight they work as a band to create the diversity within “El Valle del Cóndor” and their unique sound. This is a musically diverse, experimental and genuinely interesting release and I look forward to hearing more of Cóndor’s material. -Sarah McKellar

Antonio Espinosa Holguín: Guitars, vocals
Francisco Fernández López: Guitars
Jorge Eduardo Canal Corredor: Guitars, additional vocals
Alejandro Solano Acosta MadiedoL Bass
Andrés Felipe López Vergara: Drums, additional vocals

Track list:
1. Obertura
2. El Páramo de Pisba
3. La Cuchilla del Tambo
4. Santa Rosa de Osos
5. Aw´tha
6. Gudrún
7. Cabeza de Buitre
8. Raudo es el Cauca
9. El Valle del Cóndor

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