Sunday, January 6, 2019

Poem: 'Police State' by Steven Michael Pape

Police State
By Steven Michael Pape, 2011

We are now living in a Police state,
where `Freedom of speech` Will never awake.
Scared of the strangers, we get shifty,
Small towns getting more like a city.
Everyone talking but don`t be overheard,
The Police can lip read, it`s getting absurd.
Governments lie with ongoing force,
Then have the nerve to say we all have a voice.
Get a job or be seen as a criminal,
Or stay on the dole with the other four million.
Anxious Police they all stop and search,
All looking for the innocents purse.
Old people get their life savings nicked,
Then you get home to find your pockets been picked,
Call the police,`Is it an emergency`?
We`ve other crimes with better diversity.
Freedom of Speech will never awake,
As long as we`re living in a Police State.

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