Sunday, January 6, 2019

Poem: 'Why Shouldn’t' by Lukas Andrew Bryson

Why Shouldn’t
By Lukas Andrew Bryson

why shouldn’t our sick time fall
like a broken undeserving star
a pity that the haste so waits
as we strike life like coiled snakes
be they all blind to horrors done
so rise not longer burning sun
i ask thee
why shouldn’t weary titan wake
and with a tide of devils make
those dying last transform to first
and all of best become the worst
white blooming now in blackness bring
for longer let no songbird sing
i beg thee
why shouldn’t we be dragging chains
drilling a poison through our veins
or counted up with crooked numbers
face decaying sickness lingers
let no brightness bring a smile
and all in comfort choke on bile
i pray thee
leave none be
no one forgiven
but do spare me

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