Saturday, January 5, 2019

Poem: 'The Fuckless Fuck' by Andy Horry

The Fuckless Fuck
By Andy Horry

If you need to get your kit off,
You ain't going deep enough.
Fuck the fuckless fuck my man,
Just screw the endless end.

Notice the intensity of energy,
Evaporating the symphony.
Bring the thunder as
she rides your lightning.

Hold the power as she
Flows through you
Then feel her soul as you
Flow through her.

All around her, left, up, right, down.
Rise and decline as you lose
All sense of time and
The speculation of separation
Becomes a hilarious conversation.

It's all about the vibration,
Leading to intense stimulation,
Melding into one,
You see yourself undone.

You know yourself no more,
Yet you know oh so much more.
The fire in your chest
feels no limits, needs no rest.
It'll put your human body
To the ultimate test.

Being With Life

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