Saturday, January 5, 2019

Poem: 'Arts Resolution, 2019' by Jillanna Babb

Arts Resolution, 2019
By Jillanna Babb

Through to the other side
of my hiding place,
I slip hoping to be unstoppable
Do you really think I have no opposition?
Laughter gets me through
the ridiculousness of all this.
My own good?
My tower of shame?
I am prisoner
no more!
This I say today.
God help me tomorrow.
No one knows my cage.
No one sees my cage
except I do...
I do see.

I have been more bold.
My survival depends on this
and an exit from the pretense
of ignorance.

The time has come
for all arts.

The art spit up by babies.
The art in tears on a corpse.
My art.

You have not yet seen,
and for some inexplicable reason,
I need you to see me.

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