Saturday, October 26, 2019

EP Review: CUCK LORD "Cuckodile Dundee" (Independent) by Kelly Tee

Location: Barandunda
Country: Australia
Genre: Pornogrind
Label: Independent
Format: Digital, streaming
Release date: January 3, 2018
For deviant-minded and inclined metalheads, this pornogrind should be right up your alley! I’m talking about the one-man pornogrind band, Cuck Lord.
Yes, the name should give you a fair hint as to what this style of metal is all about...However, if the name doesn’t give it away, think a bit of sex with a bit of violence and some humour thrown in. Aside from the themes of Cuck Lord’s music, which is essential to this type of grind, what Cuck Lord delivers is an obscure, quirky, chaotic and industrial grind flow.
Get past the often comedic, porn inspired voice-overs and even a little bit of audio from the infamous scene of the movie “Deliverance” thrown in, Cuck Lord is a fast and fun listen.
The Aussie character behind this one-man band is Aidan, hailing from Barandunda. He has offered up a crazy seven track EP in Cuckodile Dundee. With tracks such as ‘Fucked By Geese’, and ‘Dick Demon’, the album is definitely unique and catchy with cool drum beats, raw heavy guitars and interesting yet arcane vocal sounds created by Aidan. ‘Mandingo Party’ is the longest track on the album, and is most choice with nice industrial guitars, fast beats and cool mash-up of rhythm and tempo.
The Cuckodile Dundee album is small-scale endurance...(of course it is, this is grind), yet is energetic and colourful. Get yourself acquainted with it and have some fun! It can’t always be so serious.
New work is coming from Cucklord soon, so throw Aidan a like when you can. -Kelly Tee

Aidan: All vocals and instruments

Track list:
1. Daddy's Milking Machine
2. Fucked By Geese
3. Dick Demon
4. Creampie Candy Land
5. Raped By Rabid Pigs
6. Mandingo Party
7. Skullfucked At Birth

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