Monday, October 7, 2019

Poem: "On How I Became Infinite" by Alan Lisanti

On How I Became Infinite
Alan Lisanti

I have a million grains of sand stained with blood in this hourglass
Sandpaper tongue and poison tipped thorns for appendages
Drought mouth doused in numbing agents
Escapism life support corroded infrastructure
Dry well cracked stone worn out heart
No more longing for some great awakening
Hibernation isolated long haul survivalist
Day break dusk blanket
Night fall canopy cover
Nocturnal slumberous
Toss and turn uneasiness
Can't win anyway
Magnet for parasites
Back stabbed optimist
Go it alone
Severed thread telephone
Crushed cup Styrofoam
Muted suffering
Vampire allegiances
Out for their own
Misery's company
Anchor of atrophy
Slow death recovery
Assassins of transcendence
Network of ghosts
You cry for sympathy
Flight of the drones
Expressionless faces fly
Toward the flames of eternal eye
Buying your happiness
Casting your stones
Toxic camaraderie
Death trap of alchemy
Back asswards sorcery
Smile at the damage done
Choke on the smoke
All wilted gardens of
Delusional remedies
Plague rats wont scurry for
Light or truth to penetrate
Weaving their darkness in
The safety of home
Sever the tentacles
They maintain their hold
Never count the time that's passed
Never question how much is left
I put the ceiling on the ground
And turned it around again
I right side up the upside down

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