Monday, October 7, 2019

Poem: "Never Alone" by Jerry Langdon

Never Alone
© Jerry Langdon, 2019

Nail me to the corner
Until I no longer cry.
Make me wish I would die.
I'm already dead inside; anyway.
Looking forward to the day
All this pain is over.

The endless darkness has returned,
Coming to haunt me again.
Digging in the wounds of way back when.
Thinking it can damn me to Hell,
Not seeing how deep I've already fell.
Not a day has passed that I haven't burned.

I've been here so long
Agony knows me by name.
Death thinks my life is a game.
The rules keep changing to insure I lose.
Waiting for him to come running with the News,
So many times I've been wrong.

I've been gnawed down to bone.
My remains heaped on the floor.
My weary heart keeps crawling back for more
While my demons are picking away
At the chaos of my disarray.
At least I'm never alone.

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