Monday, October 7, 2019

Poem: "Claim Your Throne" by Andy Horry

Claim Your Throne
Andy Horry

Spit those rhymes
Manifest in due time,
Rule your inner kingdom,
Claim your throne.

Don't put it off any longer
Spit fire, grow stronger.

I'm a true magician
and I set a spell on you
to live your life abundantly
and throw away the mundanity.

You came here to play,
You came here to explore,
You know it deep down
Get up off the ground.

Time was created by me
and I dismantle it with the key
of immortality that I found
in a dream.

The waking dream never ends
but it's a game, it's a lesson.

It's an ever unfolding moment
and I live it as I own it.

You can too.
Take this spare key.

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